Miley Cyrus Reportedly Broke Up With Kaitlynn Carter Because ‘It Was Moving Too Fast’ – Perez Hilton

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As Miley Cyrus

According to TMZ, the Wrecking Ball singer and Brody Jenner‘s ex-GF “got along like a house on fire” — whatever the hell that means. Things were reportedly going so well between the two of ’em during their whirlwind summer relationship that Cyrus apparently got scared! There was even talk of marriage between the pair, according to sources, and that apparently jolted the Hannah Montana star wide awake.

As the story goes, Cyrus wasn’t looking for her forever relationship coming off her breakup with longtime love Liam Hemsworth, and the closer she and Kaitlynn got, the tougher things became for her on that end. So when things turned serious — living together, marriage, the future, all that stuff — the Slide Away singer up and bailed after realizing she didn’t want to be in it for the long haul. Hey, we get it… better that than just kind of fall back into it without wanting to be there and hurting everybody more in the process!

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